The Maw

The Maw is a militant cult that venerates the Far Realm entity known as Melaguela the Devouring Maw. As Melaguela seeks to gain her divinity by consuming the world, the Maw prepares the world for her arrival by weakening its defenses and spreading anarchy. Where ever there is revolution and dissent the Maw is there to twist the situation to their goals. The maw is not content with using horrors from the far realm to destroy its enemies. It gnaws at society from the inside.

Where most Far Realm cults are stamped out by the inquisition before they can become a genuine threat the Maw maintains its self through a dedicated network spread across the continent. This network is referred to as The Dragons Teeth. The Maw is split into chapters called jaws. Every jaw is lead by a leader called a dant. The dant’s lieutenants are the molars which command the canines that lead teams of incisors which are the junior cult members. If a jaw is destroyed then the Maw will send a senior member to build a new jaw after a decade has passed. The Maw is not above allying its self with others that have similar goals of spreading anarchy. Anarchists with the right connections often seek aid from the Maw to overthrow their countries leaders. But all too often they fall victim to the Maw’s machinations.

Spawn of Melaguela

Unlike most Far Realm centric cults the Maw does not take commands from the spawn of Melaguela. Aberrations do not understand the natural world and make poor leaders. Instead the cult uses aberrants aligned to Melaguela as foot soldiers when ever the cult is under attack. The Maw uses only the most powerful of Melaguela’s spawn and summon them from corrupted fonts of arcane energy. The cult relies on the slave trade to keep their pets fed. True to their name, the Maw’s senior members often indulge in ritualistic cannibalism. All too often this ends up being the cults undoing as careless members and slave traders may leave a trail that investigators can take advantage of.

“Communists that worship an evil monster and try to make cannibalism look classy. Thats just… dandy!” – Unknown

The Maw

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