Origins of Firearms

Modern firearms originated in the forges of dwarven master craftsmen in an attempt to reengineer ancient technology and replace crossbows. While in theory they succeeded, firearms were found to be too dangerous to use in the underground battles due to the noise and smoke they produce. However when cave in was not a threat, firearms worked perfectly. Early firearms (pistol, musket and blunderbuss) were slow to reload, but packed a punch.
As firearms began spreading beyond the dwarven clans, they were quickly adopted by all major empires and further improved upon during the industrial revolution.

Incorporating Firearms

  • Firearms are treated as any other Simple/Military/Superior weapons (as appropriate).
  • Rogues start with proficiency in all simple and military one-handed firearms in addition to their normal starting proficiencies.
  • Sharpshooter rogue Talent applies to one-handed firearms in addition to crossbows and slings.
  • You can only load 3 rounds into a weapon using a free action on a turn. You cannot use a second free action to load another 3 rounds.
  • Any character knows how to maintain all firearms they are proficient with.
  • Any character proficient in at least one military or superior firearm is able make ammunition.
  • Gunpowder can be made by anyone with an Alchemy feat.
  • Guns are loud and produce a lot of smoke, you cannot become hidden after firing one until the beginning of your next turn.
  • When you use a firearm you are proficient with to make a ranged basic attack you may use your highest ability modifier instead of Dexterity modifier for attack and damage rolls.
  • You cannot use a power that allows you to perform multiple attacks with a firearm unless you are using a firearm with multiple rounds of ammo. (Example: you cant use the ranger twin strike ability unless you have two pistols in both hands or a repeating shotgun.)
  • Firearms get additional combat maneuvers, such as burst shot and double tap. A character must be proficient with the firearm in question and meet prerequisites in order to use these combat maneuvers.
  • Characters not proficient in firearms take a -4 penalty to attack.
  • Characters cannot mix firearm maneuvers with powers. (Example: A ranger cannot use twin strike using a sub machine gun with both attacks being on full auto. This would allow the aforementioned ranger to mow down 8 minions in one round which is really awesome but pushing the limits of my suspension of disbelief…)

The following weapons tables are templates for standard firearms. Many firearms exist, some are exotic and high tech, some are obsolete weapons from a bygone age, while others are jury rigs. Note: As of September 7th, 2013 this list has been updated. The old firearm list can be found here; Old Firearm List Specific firearms like the Kasrik Pistol and Dumat MP-45 are listed on the items section of the wiki

Simple Ranged Weapons

One handed weapons Proficiency Damage Range Weight Group Cost Properties
Sleeve pistol +2 1d6 2/4 1 lbs Firearm 10 g ammo 1, load minor, off-hand, high crit
Revolver +2 1d8 4/8 2 lbs Firearm 20 g ammo 6, load standard, off-hand
Two handed weapons Proficiency Damage Range Weight Group Cost Properties
Double Barrel Shotgun +2 2d6 5/10 8 lbs Firearm 30 g ammo 2, load minor (1)/Move (all), scatter

Military Ranged Weapons

One handed weapons Proficiency Damage Range Weight Group Cost Properties
Semi-Automatic Pistol +2 1d8 6/12 2 lbs Firearm 30 g ammo 8, load move, off-hand
Two handed weapons Proficiency Damage Range Weight Group Cost Properties
Carbine +2 1d10 12/24 6 lbs Firearm 35 g ammo 5, load Standard(all), high crit
Repeating Shotgun +2 2d6 6/12 8 lbs Firearm 40 g ammo 8, load minor(1)/Standard(all), scatter
Rifle +3 1d10 18/36 8 lbs Firearm 40 g ammo 5, Load Standard(all)

Superior Ranged Weapons

One handed weapons Proficiency Damage Range Weight Group Cost Properties
Gunblade +2 1d8(ranged) 1d6(melee) 8/16 4 lbs Firearm Special 45 g ammo 6, Load Standard(all), off-hand
Two handed weapons Proficiency Damage Range Weight Group Cost Properties
Sub Machine Gun +2 2d6 6/12 10 lbs Firearm 80 g ammo 20, load Standard, brutal 1, scatter


One handed weapons Proficiency Damage Range Weight Group Cost Properties
Bayonet +2 1d6 - 1 lbs light blade 5 g off-hand, special

Key Words

  • Ammo X: The number of shots before you need to reload. Until you fire all shots the weapon is considered to have Load Free property.
  • Scatter: Damage from this weapon counts as area and close burst attack for purposes of resistances, immunities and vulnerabilities.


  • Sleeve Pistol (22m): This is a pistol small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. When combined with a sleeve holster you can keep the weapon hidden under your sleeve and draw it as a free action.
  • Revolver (32mm): The weapon of modern officers and gangsters alike. Revolvers come in many different varieties but all have a cylindrical mechanism with 6 bullets that can usually kill just about anything.
  • Double Barrel Shotgun (12 Gage Buckshot): This is the classic frontiersman weapon. The barrels of the shotgun can either be side-by-side or over-and-under
  • Semi-Automatic Pistol (9mm): A semi automatic pistol is a handgun with a single chamber and barrel, it has a mechanism that loads a new cartridge into the barrel every time the gun is fired. The mechanism is prone to jamming but allows for higher rates of fire. Semi automatic pistols are difficult to mass produce so they are mostly reserved for elite soldiers and military officers.
  • Carbine (7.62mm): This is a shortened version of the rifle made for mounted and close quarters combat. It is easier to wield but the shortened barrel gives this gun lower range and accuracy.
  • Repeating Shotgun (12 Gage Buckshot): This is a repeating mechanized shotgun of the modern age used by both military and competition shooters. It can be either lever action or pump action.
  • Rifle (7.62mm): This is the standard issue weapon of most military forces. Military rifles are all bolt action, but lever action rifle that are used by cavalry and competition shooters are still fairly common.
  • Gunblade (32mm): A revolver pistol with a blade built into it. This is the quintessential weapon of most artificers and new age heroes. For purposes of weapon types the blade may be either a Light Blade or an Axe. Once you choose the weapon type you cannot change it.
  • Sub Machine Gun (9mm): This weapon was invented some time near the end of the Great War to fulfill the need for a two handed repeating firearm that could bridge the gap between the machine gun and the rifle. The Sub machine gun lacked the range to fill the gap but was devastating in trenches and close quarters. Unfortunately the sub machine gun is prone to jamming and malfunction due to its complexity.
  • Bayonet: What they lacked in practicality bayonets made up for in intimidation. Bayonets come in many different varieties but all are long sharp light blades made to fit at the end of a gun. Most two handed military firearms, including shotguns, have bayonet fixtures.

Firearm Accessories

Item Weight Cost
Sleeve Holister 1 lbs 6 g
Gun Maintenance Kit 2 lbs 12 g
Quick Loader 1 lbs 6 g


Item Weight Cost
12 Gage Buckshot (10) 1 lbs 1 g
7.62mm (15) 1 lbs 2 g
9mm (20) 1 lbs 1 g
22mm (20) 1 lbs 1 g
32mm (12) 1 lbs 1 g

Firearm Accessories

  • Sleeve holster: Spring loaded holster allows you to draw Sleeve Pistol as a free action.
  • Gun maintenance kit: Includes everything you need to clean your gun, make minor repairs, and make ammunition.
  • Quick Loader: A small cylindrical device made to take the hassle out of loading revolvers and other firearms with cylindrical ammo clips. Decreases the action needed to reload revolvers and gunblades. EG: Standard action turns to Move, Move action turns to Minor ect.

Heroic Feats

  • Weapon Focus (firearms)
    Prerequisite: N/A
    Benefit: +1 damage with all firearms
  • Weapon Expertise (firearms)
    Prerequisite: N/A
    Benefit: +1 to attack with all firearms
  • Rapid Reload
    Prerequisite: N/A
    Benefit: decreases action needed to reload a firearm and crossbow. Minor action turns to free action, Move action turns to minor action, standard action turns to move action, and full round action turns to standard action.
  • Far Shot
    Prerequisite: Dex 13
    Benefit: When you use a projectile weapon such as a bow, crossbow, or firearm; increase both the normal range and the long range by 5 squares
  • Point Blank Shot
    Prerequisite: N/A
    Benefit: The character gets a +1 bonus on attack and damage rolls with firearms against opponents within 6 squares.

Firearm Maneuvers

  • Dead Aim: Before making a ranged attack, the character may take a full-round action to line up their shot. This grants the character a +2 bonus on his or her next attack roll. Once the character begins aiming, he or she can’t move, even to take a 5-foot step, until after the character makes his or her next attack, or the benefit of the maneuver is lost. Likewise, if the character’s concentration is disrupted or the character is attacked before his or her next action, the character loses the benefit of aiming.
    Prerequisite: Far Shot
    - All firearms
  • Double Tap: When using a semiautomatic firearm with at least two bullets loaded, the character may fire two bullets as a single attack against a single target. The character receives a –2 penalty on this attack, but deals +1 die of damage with a successful hit.
    Prerequisite: Dex 13, Point Blank Shot
    - Semi-Automatic Pistol: adds +1d8 damage at -2 penalty to attack
  • Burst Fire: When using an automatic firearm with at least 5 rounds of ammunition loaded, the user may fire a short burst as a single attack against a single target.
    Prerequisite: Wis 13
    - Sub Machine Gun: Additional 1d6 damage at -2 penalty to attack. Expends 5 rounds of ammunition.
  • Full Auto: When using an automatic firearm with at least 10 rounds of ammunition loaded, the user may rain fire over an area attacking all targets within.
    Prerequisite: Str 13
    - Sub Machine Gun: adds burst 1 at -2 penalty to attack. Expends 10 rounds of ammunition.
  • Multi-Shot: Certain firearms have multiple barrels allowing for several simultaneous shots on a single target. The weapon must have at least 2 loaded barrels to use this attack
    Prerequisite: Point Blank Shot
    - Double Barrel Shotgun: Additional 1d6 damage at a -2 penalty to attack.
  • Slam Fire: Certain shotguns lack a a disconnect mechanism inside the trigger assembly which helps prevent accidental discharge of the weapon. Without the disconnect mechanism in place, the operator could hold the trigger back and cycle the action to unleash a hail of merciless buckshot. The weapon must have a least 4 rounds of ammunition loaded to use this attack.
    Prerequisite: Str 13
    - Repeating Shotgun: adds burst 1 at -2 penalty to attack. Expends 4 rounds of ammunition.

Firearm Legal Issues

Simple Firearms among common citizens are legal in most countries. To buy a firearm or even walk the streets with one you must first attain a license which can be bought for 50 gp. Military firearms on the other other hand are illegal among common citizens. To attain a military firearm, you must either have served in the military, city guard, or be a registered mercenary or big game hunter.

Every country has its own license, so an individual has to attain a license for every country they visit. But there is some exception to this rule, if an individual already has a license from another country then they can buy a temporary license for 10 GP, which is good for 1 month, and that should be plenty of time for them to leave the country or attain an official license.

Any one caught carrying or using a firearm without a license can receive anything from a hefty fine to years in jail. Every country has a different punishment for gun crimes.

To be a registered mercenary you must have served in the military or city guard. All mercenaries are required to have written contracts with their employers, to do so otherwise it punishable by law. Employers that hire mercenaries are responsible for them. (this means its a very good idea to have a good track record)


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