Xeno Astrada


“Ohh the Horror! A behemoth of hatred and madness incarnate! What manner of creature is this? A mass of flesh and sinew wielding muscles thick as ropes strung on to claws that could crush stone, and sever metal as though it were a threshed wheat. An abomination… its physiology remarkably abstract… organs that dont make any sense, many hearts and lungs that shouldnt be! It shouldnt work, but it does! And the mouths… those gibering gnashing sythes of teeth, I tell you, it exists ONLY to EAT! to CONSUME, to DEVOUR EVERYTHING RIGHT AND TRUE IN THIS WORLD!!! Melora help us…” – Dr. Rhil Kellentye


Through the flames I see them coming

Through the flames I see them longing

They have come to end the living

Unforetold and unforgiving

They are here, they crave, they hunger

With the damned the nights grow longer

Twisted limbs and twisted faces

Demons from the darkest places

- Darkness Dawning

Xeno Astrada

Lux Tenebrae Vladimiravich