A Troll eats anything that moves, from grubs to humans, and is rightly feared for its ravenous appetite, feral cunning, and remarkable regenerative power. The Troll is both a mystery and a menace that has plagued the industrial races since olden times. The advent of gun powder has significantly decreased Troll numbers over the last century. In modern times most common people no longer worry about Trolls as these creatures no longer attack remote villages or other areas of civilization. Some contend that the Troll is extinct, but they are still very much real. In far flung corners of the continent Trolls haunt the deepest darkest forests. These creatures prey upon lone travelers, hunters, and trade caravans. Where ever these creatures go they leave behind clean picked bones and destroyed machinery.

Trolls are solitary beings that roam the wilds in search of feeding grounds. When they find an land rich with prey they establish a lair and then pillage the surrounding area until all resources have been consumed. Then they move on to another area to start again. When Trolls establish a lair close to an outpost or village they will eat livestock and any lone people that have the misfortune of running into them, but they will always refrain from attacking the town directly. Trolls only group together to either breed or take down large groups of prey, such as military patrols; and in very rare cases, entire airships. (preferably passenger carriers) These groups are usually led by the largest and strongest Troll in the area.

No one is sure as to how Trolls came to be or where they came from. Most scholars speculate that the ancients brought them over from some distant part of the cosmos to serve as war beasts. What ever the case, Trolls are highly intelligent beings that are capable of rational thought. They live almost as long as Elves and are quick learners, which means they can be reasoned with. Explorers in the past have survived encounters with Trolls by bargaining with the creatures, with promise of more food somewhere down the road. This is assuming that the troll in question can speak. To deceive a troll is considered bad luck.

Trolls are more then capable of establishing their own civilization. No one is sure as why they refuse to do so. Scholars have concluded that Trolls, as a race, simply don’t care. Trolls are apex predators, they have no need to establish any kind of culture, laws or government when each individual is more then capable of fending for them selves. The few things that Trolls cant learn to understand are laws, and the concept of empathy. Even the idea that other intelligent beings exist is a foreign concept to them. In the minds of Trolls other races are nothing more then food.

The reason that so much is known about Trolls is because they have been captured and studied in the past when there numbers where greater. The last known troll in captivity died 30 years ago in an Alatian zoo.

Appearance and physiology

Trolls stand at 8-12 feet in height, towering far above most sentient humanoids. They have heavy built bodies, and thick wrinkly hides that range in color from grey, blue, white, and various shades of green. Some Trolls even grow natural armor in the form of large bony scales that cover their arms and legs. Among their more alien features are extraordinarily long arms which hang all the way down to their feet. Trolls have no ear flaps, and have very long noses and jutting chins. All Trolls have an extreme aversion to fire and acid.


Trolls are extremely durable and can survive in almost any environment, this has resulted in the evolution of many different species.

River Trolls (also known as Bridge Trolls) are green in color and lurk in wilderness areas, preferably far from civilization and close to sources of water. (hence the name!) These are the most well known of Trolls.

Wendigo (aka Abominable Snowmen) have bluish skin and grow thick white fur. They live on snowy mountains and are notorious for terrorizing their victims before trying to eat them.

Sea Trolls are greenish bluish in color and live only on the coast. These creatures have been known to board ships and snatch victims off the bow.

Cave Trolls (Aka Albino Trolls) are white in color and live in caves. They are the smallest of the species and have thin bodies rather then heavily built ones. These creatures can go for an extraordinarily long time without eating, maybe even years, no one knows for sure.

Fell Trolls (aka Dark Trolls) are grey in color and the largest of the species. These creatures lurk mostly in deep forests but have been known to roam mountains and swamps. Fell Trolls are mostly nocturnal and are legendary for their endurance. Taking one on without back up or high amounts of explosives is not advised.

Howler Trolls (aka Jungle Trolls) are green skinned trolls that live in jungles. These creatures like to lurk in the canopy and pounce on their prey from above. Howler Trolls stake claim on territory by making loud howling sounds, making them easy to avoid, or easy to find.

Warp Trolls are a myth, no one has ever been able to find physical proof that they exist. These creatures are said to be hideously mutated by the Far Realm, and wield reality altering powers that allow them to drive their foes mad before killing them. The insane survivors that these creatures leave behind usually die from magic energy poisoning.

And the most feared species of them all is… THE INTERNET TROLL!!!! I Keed, I Keed! =3 025 max


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