Techno Astrada

Technology began when the first sentient races converted natural resources into tools, and within an eye blink, they went from stone tools to arcane machines that were capable of bending time and space. No one knows exactly how long the ancients held on to their technology or why nearly all the records of the time before technology where lost. What secrets were left after the fall of the ancients have all been trapped under the fiery metal hoods of behemoth machines; and those machines, will not part with their secrets so willingly.

Clockwork Automata

Ancient Machines

“They have no eyes BUT they can see, I tell you!!! No eyes! NO eyes at all, they don’t always need them. They can feel the heat of the living or expand their artificial consciousness, to encompass the surrounding environment, making a picture more complete then any modern artist can make.” – Master Artificer Geo Knurlak (addressing new soldiers on the dangers of fighting ancient machines.)

Ancient Machine Hazards and Traps
Modern Machines

“It is only when they go wrong that machines remind you how powerful they are.” – Clive James

Modern Machine Hazards and Traps

Techno Astrada

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