Within this series of eldritch tomes lies spine chilling facts and visceral illustrations of undead, vampires, malicious fey creatures and other more terrifying things known to haunt the gloom filled corners of the world. Compiled by generations of wizards, archeologists, explorers, and adventurers who have risked life and limb to gather knowledge; this tome discourages the foolish and equips the strong with the necessary knowledge to combat dark forces.

Anatomy of the Undead


“Corpses… rotting lumbering cadavers… what contrivance could have wrought this… this.. abomination?! Diseased Science? Blasphemous occult rituals? How can some thing so… so dead, yet be so alive?! and hungry! They lust for flesh… human flesh, and feast upon all the sweatbreads a man has to offer!” – Dr. Maximillian Roivas

Autopsy Reports

The following is a series of autopsy reports compiled by famed Merkabre medical researcher Maximillian Roivas who was admitted to a mental hospital shortly after the Nocturnomicon was released to universities throughout the Atlium Republic.

(DM’s Note: I am aware that I use many quotes and references to certain games, and here I am outright showing off some thing that is clearly not mine! Please, do not criticize me for this, I am doing this not to plagiarize but as a homage to my inspirational sources… and just for kicks!)


Lux Tenebrae Vladimiravich