Nature's Mysteries

The world has a cryptic order for the lives of common creatures. Cows live in herds and graze fields, and wolves live in packs and hunt other animals. But those who explore the stranger farther parts of the world quickly discover that the world is a far stranger place and is full of rare creatures that simply don’t fit within the so called “natural order.” No one is sure if this is a side effect of the Ancients tampering with other worlds or extreme mutations in common creatures. But to those that brave the deeper wilds, it is wise of them to study “Nature’s Mysteries.” This series of tomes is a guide to extremely ancient rumored plants and animals that are considered legendary or none existent in modern biology. The study of these kinds of creatures is called Crytozoology. A Pseudoscience that is largely based off anecdotal evidence compiled by generations of explorers.


“All we know is still infinitely less than all that remains unknown.” – William Harvey


Nature's Mysteries

Lux Tenebrae Vladimiravich