House Rules


Special Rules


Miscellaneous Rules

Botching/Rolls on natural 1s.

When a player character or a monster rolls a natural 1, The DM can decide what happens.

Surprise Rules/Common Sense

D&D 4.0 is made to run like a well oiled machine and in introducing new concepts I have already shattered alot of the basic rules. In addition to them I will be implementing certain “surprises” which are intended to make the game challenging. These “surprise rules” will only be seen in game and are within the confines of “common sense.” This is not an attempt at being cheap or unfair. For example, most vehicles are invulnerable to things like gun fire or melee attacks, so players will not be able to sink an airship by just shooting at it with rifles, they cannot destroy a tank or a large war golem by slashing them with swords.

Bonus Experience

All players receive bonus experience at the end of every game session, but players that perform exceptionally well will receive addition bonus experience.

Bonus Combat Experience

Bonus combat experience is rewarded to those that perform exceptionally well during combat encounters with brilliant tactics and making good use of the environment. For some thing to deserve extra combat experience it must be unexpected, smart and DAMN epic!!! (as in, “THIS… IS… SPARTTTAAAAAAA!!!!!” epic)

Bonus Roleplaying Experience

Bonus Roleplaying experience is rewarded to those that show character advancement and good acting during a session. This usually involves getting a little emotional and revealing some thing new about your character to the other players, and sometimes it involves getting through character conflicts. Bonus roleplaying experience is also rewarded to those who role play their characters accordingly when under the effects of insanity. (see above for sanity rules)

Bonus Team Experience

Bonus Team experience is rewarded to the whole group when they show exceptional team work during encounters, or in solving problems and handling quests.

Bonus Journal Experience

Characters who detail their adventures through a journal will receive bonus experience based on level. Journals will only be counted if written in a logical and understandable manner, so no one line entries!

Bonus experience rewards are based on the level of the character and how epic the action is. Bonus experience rewards always come at the end of a session and count for the session, not the encounter.

Bonus XP

  • 1st: 25 xp
  • 2nd: 31 xp
  • 3d: 38 xp
  • 4th: 44 xp
  • 5th: 50 xp
  • 6th: 63 xp
  • 7th: 75 xp
  • 8th: 88 xp
  • 9th: 100 xp
  • 10th: 125 xp
  • 11th: 150 xp
  • 12th: 175 xp
  • 13th: 200 xp
  • 14th: 250 xp
  • 15th: 300 xp
  • 16th: 350 xp
  • 17th: 400 xp
  • 18th: 500 xp
  • 19th: 600 xp
  • 20th: 700 xp
  • 21st: 800 xp
  • 22nd: 1,038 xp
  • 23d: 1,275 xp
  • 24th: 1,513 xp
  • 25th: 1,750 xp
  • 26th: 2,250 xp
  • 27th: 2,750 xp
  • 28th: 3,250 xp
  • 29th: 3,750 xp
  • 30th: 4,750 xp

Epic Bonus

  • Heroic: + 50 xp
  • Paragon: + 300 xp
  • Epic: + 1,750 xp
Little Things To remember
  • No Drinks on the game table! Keep them on another table or in a place were they wont easily spill.
  • If you’re going to bring vendettas to the table then TAKE THEM OUTSIDE. Respect EVERYONE!
  • Initiative and conditions are tracked via combat sheet with magnetic pads.
  • The game will only start when everyone is quite and the DM has had a few silent minutes to gather his/her thoughts. (This rule only counts for when “Misha” is DMing.)
  • Dice rolls only count if they are on the table, same for the DM, except the DM doesnt need to show thier dice roll results.
  • Guys keep your Laptops and notebooks in places where they wont fall over or be ruined by clumsiness. If any one is using their laptop computer during the game, then put it some where safe.
  • Players don’t necessarily need to keep their character sheets secret, but I would prefer they keep their backstories to themselves unless they reveal details in role playing their characters. I would also prefer that my players send me their backstories in private and keep them hidden from other players on Obsidian Portal until information is revealed in the game.
  • Journals are not require though for each entry written the player will be allotted bonus xp depending on their level. . This applies only to entry that happen in game. Players have until the next game to complete their journals and receive their experience.
  • All players are welcome to take breaks as needed. If work, school, whatever become a problem players may contact me and you’ll be taken out of the game. However you will be able to come back at any time. Please let me know in advanced.
  • With that said, players asked to leave the game will not be allowed to return to the game.
  • A few examples of things that can get you kicked are, sexual harassment, and throwing tantrums. (regarding that last one, learn from my FAIL guys!) So keep your hands to your selves or take a walk outside if you’re feeling stressed
  • Chewing gum is not allowed at the table , and when the game is in progress you are not allowed to play on any hand held gaming device. (sorry no Pokemon guys!) And if you need to answer a text then please tell me or step away from the table so that I know that you are busy.

House Rules

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