Of all the ancient creatures in the world, dragons are the most feared. They are renowned for their unrivaled strength and ancient wisdom. Stories of these fearsome creatures have been passed on since before recorded history and much is known about them from ancient texts yet they are seldom seen. Dragons are shy reclusive creatures that avoid civilization and live in the furthest corners of the world. Avid explorers and adventurers are lucky to ever see one, but to speak to a dragon is simply unheard of. Everything known about dragons comes from studying bones and anecdotes.

Despite what the legends say, Dragons do not keep hoards of gold and magic items stashed in their lairs. If a dragon carries any sort of treasure then its likely to be in knowledge. According to ancient texts, dragons where heavily involved in the politics of the ancients and many scholars believe that they had a role to play in their down fall. These texts also speak of ancient pacts and certain “gifts” given to the ancients by the dragons of old. Dragons can live for thousands of years and the oldest of them are repositories of ancient knowledge.

Appearance and physiology

Dragons are diverse creatures that appear in many shapes and colors, and each has its own habits, preferred lair and food. They appear in two known families and all are legged and winged warm blooded reptiles. Chromatic dragons come in all natural colors, (red, blue, green, yellow, white ect…) and metallic dragons all come in reflective metallic colors. (Silver, bronze, gold ect..)

Dragons are all highly territorial and very antisocial, even to each other. They prefer to inhabit areas that match their color. Most dragons like to make their lairs on tall rocky outcroppings where they can have a good vantage point and take flight with more ease. Despite their massive size, dragons usually don’t range far from their lairs, they only move if the food near their lair runs low, or if they are threatened by civilization, sky pirates, or pesky adventurers.



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