Down to earth Thri-Kreen Corporal in Usillith Imperium relief army.


Xin was born in the desert lands of Typge, the Thri-Kreen homeland. He was raised traditionally, and when he was older, married a Monastery Elf named Lewelyn. While working as a bouncer at a inn, both to bring home money and to practice his Common [which he did not use much as a Larva] the owner was killed in a Large Bar Brawl. His wife found that Xin inherited the inn (and changed it’s name to the Four Armed Inn), and has run it since with her brother Dedgre. Soon the war started, and Xin opted to use his expertise in the army.

During a campaign, he met Zaltov and in a fateful encounter have their destinies changed forever in the Battle of Something.

After the war, he visited back home for a while, and seeing that Lewelyn was doing fine, as business at their inn was actually doing fairly well, with people feeling it was safe to travel again, he returned to the Usillith army, but as a relief worker.

From there, he mostly spent his time at soup kitchens and rebuilding efforts. At the present, he is investigating a disappearance… and odd change of pace for him lately…

Emperor: Battle for Dune – The Spice Must Flow (Xin’s Theme)


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