Major Zell "The War Chief"

"I'll Shoot as many of you as I have to, to get my point across. Are we clear?"


Major “War Chief” Zell is prominent Imperial hero in the 116th Infantry division. (The Iron Bonesmen) 30 Years ago he helped subjugate a short lived rebellion by Hamadryads of the Ember Grove, and during the Great War Zell held the line against the Alaceians. He is infamous for frequently using summary executions to enforce discipline among his troops.


  • Major Zell is a Hobgoblin
  • The Major revealed that his motivation for aiding Klarel is to attain a weapon of mass destruction that he could use against the Heiligians and the next war which he mentioned was “just over the horizon.”
  • Major Zell was abandoned by his on troops in his time of need.
  • Major Zell was pushed into a vertical shaft by Zaltov and then engulfed by an ooze. He managed to climb his way out of the ooze but slips and falls back again. Finally he is killed by a grenade that was dropped into the ooze by one of his own men.

Major Zell "The War Chief"

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