Lux Tenebrae

Episode 1.

Mutants in the Street

“A two headed rat scuttles across a fog choked street, people are disappearing, and somewhere nearby the Dolgaunt lie in wait.”


Date: Aquaritou 2nd 1548 AE

Location: Ferrumgrad, Capital City of the Usilin Imperium

It was early morning when Headmaster Petronko received a call from the constabulary that a curious being of unknown nature had been shot and killed on the streets of Ferrumgrad. Normally the constabulary would only send for the Quartz Hall institute when baffled by a case involving forbidden magic, but this was different. A constable by the name of Mikhailovich had been taking smoke break by an ally when he noticed a hunched figure drunkenly wandering the streets. When he confronted the figure he discovered it to be a disfigured half man half beast with tentacles on its back. The constable panicked and shot the beast, killing it instantly. A corpse truck arrived to pick up the thing and carried it back to a local morgue to be examined. Petronko quickly called senior agent Malvin Linvega and ordered him to immediately assemble a team and meet him in his office.

An hour later: Linvega, Xin, Alphonse and Throlf, had assembled in the headmasters office to be briefed on the Mission.

The Mission

  • A mutant believed to be a Dol Gaunt was shot and killed during the night by constable Mikhailovich. The mutants corps was taken to a morgue in the Radzahn district. The teams primary objective is to examine the mutant and find clues as to where it came from and what it was doing in the city. Where there is one Dol Gaunt, more are sure to follow.
  • A brief examination of the mutants body by constable Mikhailovich revealed that the creature was wearing a lab coat with a printed name on it. The Name was that of Dr. Degryev, a scientist that had gone missing two months ago. Investigating further along this line could yield more clues.
  • The team will be joined by Project Kultra and Alexander. Kultra is a Warforged exterminator belonging to the institute that will provide extra muscle in case things turn violent. Alexander is a Paladin of the church that has come to Ferrumgrad as an emissary to the Quartz Hall institute. In truth he is really there to keep an eye on the institute as part of a cooperation agreement. Throlf is a member of the Usilin state military, but has been sent to the institute as a representative of the military’s interest. All of these men are to be treated with respect and dignity by Quartz Hall agents.
  • As an additional concern, the Quartz Hall Institute asks the team to avoid any unnecessary displays of heroics and keep this investigation fairly quite. The last thing anyone wants is a battle in the streets with a 10 foot tall combat golem.

Session 1.

  • Team assembled
  • Team attacked inside morgue by ghouls
  • surviving doctor at morgue is discovered to be a Dol Gaunt.

Session 2.

Session 3.

Alexander, you were looking a little more “pale” then usual and left. Kultra you got called back to your closet for a surprise mandatory inspection. The game its self was a bit slow at first as the group discussed their next move in Linvega’s office while trying to decide what to do with Bijou and Natasha. Sara, a junior agent of the institute was introduced right away by Linvega and put on the team. Natasha was sent back to her home with an agent to keep her safe. Bijou was allowed to assist the group in the investigation as a consultant. After a lengthy discussion going seemingly nowhere (my fault) the group moves ahead with the investigation. Throlf examines the piece of paper from the last session to discover it to be a MAP! (what a surprise). The map shows the Lytchgorod district with several streets crossed out in red, all near the bank of the river. Three streets near the river are left out. Mean while the rest of the team goes to examine the dead gaunt lying in the med lab. They find that the Dol Gaunt that was brought back to the institute was slowly regenerating back together on the table. Alphonse cuts off one of the larger moving tendrils to keep its arm from assembling back. A doctor walks into the room carries out his own exam of the dead gaunt using a large arcane machine. He tells the group that the gaunt has been modified heavily modified on a genetic level, likely with ancient technology. In light of the new clues the group draws out a plan. Throlf is to look into Dr. Degryv’s research at the records and admissions office at the Zastov military base. Bijou with the help of Alphonse would go snooping around the rumor mill and ask her contacts on what they have heard about the going ins and outs at Lychgorod along with news of any shady scientific research firms calling out for any new “employees.” Xin convinces Linvega to assign another team to help him search of the three streets on the map, something he was planing on doing later during the night. Afterwords I don’t know what Xin did, ZACH refresh my memory please, what did you do after talking to Linvega? Or is my order of events getting tied up? anyway… Sara follows along with Xin. Throlf, discovers that Dr. Degryv worked on the weaponization of ghouls during the great war and that most of his research is classified, he also found that the late doctor worked with a Dr. Aki Hirsuto who was the project leader. Throlf returns back to the institute were Linvega tells him that Xin and the rest of the group will all meet up in Lychgorod to search the three streets. Alphonse and Bijou spend extra time on their snooping and find that there are rumors of unmarked armored trucks seen in the Lychgorod district at night, which made little sense because the military often conducts raids in the day to avoid having to deal with packs of ghouls. After their snooping Alphonse and Bijou find Natasha at her home, along with the agent sent to protect her. They convince the two to instead spend the night at Alphonse’s loft in Valhurst heights. After dinner and a shower Bijou and Alphonse both head on out to meet with the rest of the group in Lychgorod. Alphonse has a change of heart though and decides to stay back at his loft to keep watch over Natasha after receiving a bad “feeling.” Bijou heads off alone to Lychgorod. Elsewhere, Xin and Sara meet up with another institute team… lead by Verr’at Skalov. After a short meet and greet the two teams split into 3 groups to cover as much ground as possible. After an hour of searching Xin and Sara come to the end of Damosk street were they find nothing but an empty market and some boarded up homes. On the way back they are met by the lights of an approaching armored vehicle. Xin is a bit slow to hide from the light and is seen by the driver. The vehicle stops at the end of the street and its machine gun turret swivels to point in the general direction of Xin and Sara. The armored car backs up and takes makes a turn on a different street. Shortly after the vehicle leaves, Throlf regroups with Xin and Sara. He had been denied entry through the front gate of the district but found a way via the river on a rickety boat. Xin commands the two to take position in a clock tower overlooking the district street and heads off to follow the truck. Here Zach manages to basically finish an ENTIRE skill challenge by him self. (well done!) Elsewhere Bijou sneaks into Lychgorod via an unguarded industrial bridge. She finds the unmarked armored car and follows it all the while keeping to the shadows. She also notices the large figure running on the roof tops after the vehicle. While all of this is going on, Alphonse spends time in his study and patrols the halls of his loft. He quietly checks up on Natasha who is asleep the the guest quarters, and notices that the balcony doors are suspiciously open. Alphonse unsheathes his sword an walks up to take a look outside. Behind him a huge shadow swings down from the ceiling. Alphonse turns around to strike but is shoved out on to the balcony. The shadow grabs both doors and slams them shut and then locks the door. Alphonse breaks one of the glass windows on the door and reaches in to unlock the door. On the other side he finds the shadow over the bed in the process of strangling Natasha. Alphonse charges the beast and manages to push it away from her. (Cameron rolled a nat crit after spending an action point) The creature gets up from the floor and lashes out at Alphonse with two large tentacles on its back. For the next 20 seconds the two are locked in a melee struggle. Unfortunately Alphonse is overwhelmed, the last thing he sees before loosing consciousness is a bright light open up behind him as the doors to the room are thrust open.


Psh, Xin doesn’t get an intro? :P

Episode 1.

Its still a work in progress. Alot is a work in progress. I havn’t even finished writing Keep On the Shadowfell yet.

Episode 1.

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